RT80 torch upgrade for Powermax1100

A performance boost for your Powermax1100 plasma system

Whether your Powermax1100® is part of a manual or a mechanized system, retrofitting it with the RT80 torch will give you improved cutting performance, dramatically longer consumable life, and enhanced productivity. A plug-and-play replacement for the system’s original PAC135, this capable 80-amp torch is based on the proven design of the Hypertherm T80 torch for the Powermax1250 G3 Series.


Torch information


It incorporates a number of significant performance enhancements, including:

  • Coaxial-assist™ jet technology for improved contact-starting and up to 10 times longer parts life
  • 173% longer consumable life through unique torch dynamics and HyLife® electrode technology
  • Cut speeds up to 48% faster – 19 ipm on 1” steel (480 mm/m on 25 mm steel)
  • Consistent cut quality assured by patented blow-back contact-start torch technology
  • New narrow-profile nozzle shield that allows drag-cutting convenience
  • Chemically cross-linked cable jacket that’s twice as cut resistant and four times more burn resistant than competitive cables


RT80 torch assemblies

  • 087033       RT80 Hand Torch Assembly, 25 ft (7.5 m) Leads
  • 087035       RT80M Machine Torch Assembly, 25 ft (7.5 m) Leads

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