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Hypertherm genuine accessories are designed to enhance the ownership experience with Hypertherm products. System accessories and cutting guides expand applications and improve performance. Personal protective equipment help keep operators comfortable and safe.

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Hypertherm hard carry case for protecting and storing the Powermax30 or 30 XP plasma cutting systems and accessories.

Plasma angle cutting guide is designed for accurate hand cuts of angles and square edges.

Hypertherm pocket-sized measuring tape holder with level.

Protect your Powermax plasma system against oil in compressed air to maximize consumable life and system performance.

  • Maximize productivity with less downtime as auto-drain filter removes dirt and oil
  • Filter capacity of 0.01 microns and larger
  • Connects with Hypertherm 128647 air filter kit for the ultimate clean air combination
  • Deliver plenty of air with flow capacity of 20 scfm (566lpm) at 100 psi. 

The Hypertherm remote trigger pendant has a remote on/off control for a machine torch.

Hypertherm machine interface cables are connecting the CPC port to CNC controllers on Powermax45® XP, 65, 85, 105 and 125 models.

Magnetic straight edge is designed for accurate hand cuts of straight edges.

Hypertherm offers a variety of work cables with a choice of ring terminals, c-clips, hand clamps, and magnets to suit individual preferences.

The Hypertherm gear bag carries spare torches, work cables, and accessories.

Hyamp cutting and gouging gloves are insulated for heavy duty applications.

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