Hypertherm - Cut with Confidence

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Whether the end result is a tugboat, a submarine, a flat-bottomed barge, a pleasure boat, or an oil tanker, Hypertherm plasma helps build it. Many of Hypertherm's shipyard customers have both mechanized and handheld systems. The mechanized systems on large X-Y tables cut parts for steel hulls and decking. The dual-gas systems leave a virtually dross-free edge that is more weldable than the edge left by other methods. Once the keel is laid and the hull begins to be assembled, there are countless holes to be cut, small parts to be fabricated, and other one-time jobs for which a portable handheld plasma system is ideal.

Some of the other uses for plasma include:

  • Wall fabrication
  • Component part fabrication
  • Pipe and ventilation installation
  • Cutting motor mount plates
  • Back gouging to prepare for welds

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