Duramax Hyamp torches

Designed for durability and reliability, Duramax® Hyamp™ torches are built to handle the full 125-amp output of the Powermax125® plasma cutting system and are also compatible for use on lower amp Powermax® systems. Duramax Hyamp torches are available for handheld and machine cutting and gouging, and robotic cutting. In addition, Duramax Hyamp Long torches are available in .6 m (2’), 1.2 m (4’), and 1.83 m (6’) lengths providing extra reach and durability for heavy-duty applications like scrapping, plate skeleton removal from cutting tables and infrastructure repair or reconstruction.

Duramax Hyamp torches are available with an extensive array of specialty consumable options that perform a variety of applications such as gouging, fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, precision gouging, cutting flush to base materials (flush cutting), and marking.


Torch information


For hand cutting and gouging jobs

Duramax® Hyamp™ 85° and 15° hand torches are well suited for most hand cutting and gouging jobs. The ergonomic design of the 85° torch is perfect for normal cutting, while the 15° torch directs heat away from the operator during heavy gouging and enables cutting overhead or in hard-to-reach areas.

For machine jobs

Duramax Hyamp 180°, full-length machine torches work with a wide variety of CNC cutting tables, track cutters, and pipe-cutters. Mini-machine torches are perfectly suited for lighter tables and pipe cutting situations where the full-length torch is too long. Duramax Hyamp machine torches have a larger diameter and do not have a gear rack.

For robotic jobs

The light weight, small size and built-in positioning features of Duramax Hyamp robotic torches enable easy integration and operation with light robot arms. An optional clamp speeds integration.

For heavy-duty applications

Duramax Hyamp Long torches offer extra reach and durability for heavy-duty applications like scrapping, plate skeleton removal from cutting tables, and infrastructure repair or reconstruction. .6 m (2’) and 1.2 m (4’) Long torches include a carry bag for storing the torch. The 1.2 m (4’) and 1.83 m (6’) Long torches include an adjustable position auxiliary handle.


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