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Farming & ranching

farming and ranching

Hypertherm's Powermax plasma systems are used on farms and ranches, both large and small, all around the world. The versatility and portability of Powermax systems makes them ideal for repairing and maintaining farm equipment, vehicles, and buildings. In addition, Hypertherm mechanized systems are used by many companies to manufacture large farming equipment, such as tractors and hoppers, to name a few.

Some examples of how Hypertherm plasma systems are used in farming and ranching:

  • Maintenance of farm trucks and tractors
  • Repair of harvesters, hoppers, and other equipment
  • Repair of chemical or irrigation sprayers
  • Manufacturing of farming equipment or components for that equipment

Read how Sioux Automation Center, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, realizes virtually dross-free cuts with the HPR130.