Powermax plasma cutting and gouging systems

For metal workers who need to easily and reliably gouge and cut metal up to 38 mm (1-1/2″), Powermax® is a line of seven portable, professional-grade plasma systems that are designed for maximum productivity. Unlike other metal removal methods or competitive plasma brands, industry-leading Powermax systems allow customers to tackle any job by offering the most extensive manual and automated metal cutting and gouging capabilities.

Which plasma cutter is right for you?

Benefits of Powermax

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Which plasma cutter is right for you?


Powermax systems < 45 amps

< 45 amp range systems

Powermax30® AIR (handheld only)
Powermax30® XP (handheld only)
Powermax45® XP


Powermax > 125 amp range systems

> 125 amp range systems





Want to discuss your needs and get more information on our solutions?

Talk to one of our experts


3 color cartridges

Introducing the Hypertherm cartridge consumable platform for Powermax systems

A revolutionary advancement in consumable design, the Hypertherm cartridge is a single-piece consumable that is optimized for performance and cut quality. See what systems and torches the cartridge is compatible for use with.


Benefits of Powermax

Cut metal quickly and cleanly

Plasma is created when gas is ionized by electrical energy. In Powermax systems, its intense heat (up to 22,000° C) is used to melt metal. Compressed air or nitrogen blows the molten metal away, leaving a clean edge that’s ready to weld in most cases.

Cut or gouge any electrically conductive metal

Whether in a shop, factory, at home, or in the field, Powermax systems cut and gouge all metal types and forms. Most Powermax models are available with a hand or machine torch exactly tailored to your application.

Powermax advantages:

  • Most advanced, robust and reliable plasma systems in its class

  • State-of-the-art consumable and cartridge technology delivers faster speeds and better cut quality to help you get more done in less time

  • Automatic setup, simple controls and a stable plasma arc make Powermax systems easy to operate, even for beginners

  • Long consumable and cartridge life plus fast cut speeds lower your cutting and gouging costs

Powermax system requirements:

  • AC power source (fixed or generator)

  • Compressed air – shop air, portable air compressor, or bottled air (nitrogen is often used for stainless steel) – no explosive oxyfuel (excluding Powermax30 AIR system)

  • Safety equipment – including shaded glasses or face shield, gloves, protective clothing

  • Proper ventilation

Typical applications