Duramax retrofit torches for Powermax600/800/900 and MAX42/43 systems

Duramax™ retrofit torches can give older Powermax system new life with enhanced performance and productivity. Available for Powermax600/800/900 and MAX42/43 systems, –retrofit torches use the torch connection designed for your system, so installation is simple; both handheld and mechanized styles are available with or without quick disconnect.

  • Handheld and machine styles available
  • Proprietary, fiber-reinforced torch handle is 5 times more impact resistant and 20% more heat resistant than T-style torches
  • SpringStart™ electrode technology eliminates moving parts in the torch for more reliable arc-starting

Torch information


More consumable life

Conical Flow™ nozzle and Spring electrode give you up to 6 times longer consumable life than standard PAC121, PAC123 and PAC125 torches and consumables – reducing consumables costs by up to 30%

For even greater savings, CopperPlus™ long life electrodes provide dramatically longer service life than standard consumables when cutting metal 1/2" and under.


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