Preventive maintenance

Like any machine, your Hypertherm cutting system requires proper care and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Hypertherm Preventive Maintenance is a comprehensive package that ensures maximum productivity, while minimizing the operating costs of your cutting system.

Hypertherm Preventive Maintenance includes:

  • A periodic maintenance and cleaning plan
  • A schedule of replacement for common wear items
  • Pre-bundled parts kits of common wear items
  • A full system inspection
  • Training on the recommended periodic maintenance for your system
  • Maintenance schedules based on application specific application and environmental conditions
  • Part replacement schedules based on your machine configuration and usage

Hypertherm Preventive Maintenance reduces the likelihood of emergency repairs and unplanned downtime. It's an ongoing, proactive approach that not only extends the life of consumables, but also extends the life of your entire cutting machine.

Hypertherm offers a number of other helpful resources to keep your system running at its best:

Preventive maintenance guides – Detailed instructions on how to inspect, service and replace common wear items, plus a comprehensive part replacement schedule

Preventive maintenance kits – Available for all automated cutting systems, easy-to-order kits are more cost effective than purchasing the contents separately

Periodic checklists – Easy-to-use spreadsheets provide detailed information on which specific components, by part number, to change based on actual usage (arc time) of your system

Preventive maintenance resources are available for the following systems:


The Hypertherm Cutting Institute (HCI) offers a rich curriculum of convenient, free online learning opportunities, including videos to help optimize your Hypertherm products. Watch some examples below.

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