Safeguarding your Powermax investment

Performing routine maintenance does more than extend the life of your Powermax system.

By Hypertherm
Posted on 04/01/2020 in SPARK the blog, Plasma cutting

Powermax plasma systems have a reputation for reliability so owners sometimes overlook the importance of performing routine maintenance. Getting into a routine maintenance schedule is smart because it extends the life of your Powermax system, prevents downtime, and most importantly, it keeps you safe.

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Setting a Schedule

Here’s a quick list of what needs to happen; be sure to unplug your system first.

Every use

Every three months

  • Inspect your power cord, plug, and torch lead for cuts and other major damage. Replace if needed.
  • Inspect your torch. Check the trigger for damage, make sure the torch body does not have cracks, and that there are no exposed wires.
  • Inspect the air filter on the back of your system. Replace if clogged or dirty.

Every six months

  • Vacuum up dirt, dust, and metal debris that may have settled on the outside of your system.
  • Ask an authorized Hypertherm service center to clean the inside of your power supply. Do not remove the cover yourself.

Do you still have questions about routine maintenance? Hypertherm’s Technical Service Team can help. Contact them via email at





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