Hypertherm announces changes to Design2Fab

Will focus on Foreman level and no longer offer Design2Fab Estimator, Journeyman, or Enterprise

Posted on 05/10/2017
Posted by Hypertherm

Hypertherm today announced changes to the available levels of its sheet metal layout software. Certain levels of Design2Fab®, including Estimator, Journeyman, and Enterprise are being discontinued effective today and Hypertherm will no longer sell new licenses of these product levels.

Design2Fab Foreman level (the most popular level of Design2Fab) will be unaffected by these changes, and new license sales, activations, and support of the Design2Fab Foreman level will continue, as normal.

Existing users will continue to receive licensing and activations support for Estimator, Journeyman, and Enterprise levels of Design2Fab 5 for up to three years (until May 9, 2020), including moving a license.  Likewise, existing users of these product levels with an active software subscription will have full access to all support services during this time.

These changes are being made to the current version 5 product in anticipation of a new major version 6 launch, later in 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact your Hypertherm regional sales manager or get more information on Design2Fab's current product details.

Posted on 05/10/2017
Posted by Hypertherm

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