Structural steel

Whether cutting steel girders for holding up bridges to steel beams for holding up buildings, Hypertherm systems are hard at work in structural steel plants around the world. One Hypertherm HyPerformance® Plasma system can replace up to seven individual fabricating machines used for tasks like beveling, sawing, marking, coping, drilling, punching, and shearing! Hand cutting plasma systems are widely used in this industry as well when design changes or last minute fit-up is necessary to keep the job on schedule. FlushCut™ consumables are perfect for creating rat holes and removing flanges with minimal grinding.


Typical uses include:

  • Cutting plate to size
  • Piercing holes in steel plate
  • Cutting rods and tubes to length
  • Cutting structural beams, baseplates, flanges, gussets, frames, and girders
  • Coping beams and structural tube so on-site fit-up is perfect
  • Automated plate edge finishing of A,V, Y and K bevel angles for weld preparation