Automotive restoration and customization

Garages, custom shops, and hobbyists use Hypertherm air plasma systems to easily cut metal when restoring or customizing cars and trucks.

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Bevel cutting

Plasma bevel cutting for weld preparation, on CNC tables or robotic cells, produces consistent and accurate profiles, with high-quality cuts to avoid secondary steps.

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Extended reach cutting

Hypertherm’s HyAccess® extended reach consumables give users extra reach when plasma cutting or gouging in hard to access or confined spaces, and are designed for use with Powermax air plasma systems.

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Flush cutting

FlushCut® consumables for Powermax® systems allow easy removal of protrusions, welded attachments, bolts, and fixtures from metal surfaces without cutting into the base material.

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Plasma gouging – removing metal using a plasma arc – is similar to plasma cutting. A plasma arc between the torch and the workpiece melts the metal, and a gas jet blows away the molten material.

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Hole cutting

Many jobs require the addition of holes to bolt two or more pieces or parts together, so hole production is an important part of most cutting operations.

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Marking metal to indicate bend or score lines, inventory numbers, or reference points for drilling or robotic processes is traditionally done with a hammer and punch, powder or ink, soapstone, or handheld engraving machines. Using plasma for marking during CNC processes offers many significant advantages.

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Temporary attachment removal

Flush cutting with Powermax® plasma systems lets you cut closer to base materials than ever before, reducing costly, time consuming secondary operations. Cleaner cuts with less damage to the base metal saves costs in reusable temporary attachments.

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