XPR, HPR, MAXPRO and other plasma systems

Protect your investment. Choose genuine Hypertherm torches and consumables to keep your system running at peak performance. Incorporating the latest technologies and manufactured to the highest standards, Hypertherm consumables enhance cut quality, extend consumable life, and boost productivity.


Introducing the HPR cartridge consumable platform for HPRXD systems

The HPR® cartridge from Hypertherm provides a simple, single-piece alternative to traditional plasma consumables that gives you enhanced cut quality while reducing operating costs.  For mild steel cutting at 80 A, 130 A, and 260 A, customers will experience longer life, fewer consumable errors, and improved cut quality over life.

automated plasma systems

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This catalog contains all of the torches and consumables for current and discontinued Hypertherm automated plasma systems.


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Retrofit torches, specialty and consumable upgrades

For consumables and torches for current and legacy systems, click on your system below.

Specialty and consumable upgrades Description
MAXPRO200® extreme bevel consumables
MAXPRO200 extreme bevel consumable
MAXPRO200 extreme bevel consumables, have an unmatched cut bevel capability with a 66.5° maximum torch tilt angle and faster cutting speeds vs. oxyfuel.
SilverPlus® electrodes
SilverPlus electrodes
SilverPlus is a proven electrode technology that dramatically extends consumable life significantly reducing operating costs.
Retrofit torches Description
HyPerformance® Plasma XD system upgrade
XD technology upgrade kit provides better hole quality, thicker piercing capability and enhanced flexibility with bevel and robotic applications with superior cut quality and consistency, maximized productivity, minimized operating costs and unmatched reliability.
HyPro2000™ retrofit torch kit
HyPro2000 technology dramatically improves productivity with increased cut speeds of 50% and 75% longer life compared to the standard HT2000® and MAX200®.

 All torches and consumables may be purchased through your local distributor.


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