Equipment manufacturer boosts productivity and profitability with ProNest LT

Posted on 06/01/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Wuxi Yusheng is a modern machinery manufacturer in Jiangsu, China. Backed by an expert staff of researchers, the company has many years of experience and deep expertise in the dyeing and finishing industry.

The problem

In an effort to maximize efficiency and throughput, Wuxi Yusheng had installed a computer numeric control (CNC) cutting table and nesting software, opting for a nesting program that has been commonly used in China in recent years. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the program was not going to be a good fit for their operation. It was time to look for a better option.

The solution

Based on recommendations from a trusted supplier of mechanized cutting systems, the company decided to acquire ProNest® LT, a full-featured, intermediate level nesting software from Hypertherm. Feedback from the operators was immediate and positive: “Hypertherm’s CAM solution has a user-friendly interface that’s similar to popular business software that operators are familiar with, so it took much less time for them to get acquainted with ProNest LT. In addition, Hypertherm technicians provided training to ensure that the transition was a smooth one.”

The benefits

Unlike the earlier software, ProNest LT was able to automatically nest parts without sacrificing material utilization. The parts to be cut were automatically arranged to minimize waste, with little need for manual intervention. In addition, ProNest LT’s Common Line Cutting and Chain and Bridge Cutting modules were able to automatically or interactively arrange profiles to decrease cutting time and reduce pierce cycles.

The operators also appreciate the ability to easily edit cut paths – nearly impossible with their previous software – as well as being able to easily save and export nesting job files for future editing and subsequent orders.

Having become thoroughly adept in the use of ProNest LT, Wuxi Yusheng is now sharing their expertise with other manufacturers in the region.

Posted on 06/01/2018
Posted by Hypertherm