Gouging with Powermax45 XP gets molds quicker back into production at Nordland Betong

Posted on 06/30/2022
Posted by Hypertherm

The Norwegian company Nordland Betong is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of concrete. The company is based in Bodø, employs 25 people and celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2017.

The problem

Nordland not only makes concrete in its fluid form, it also manufactures concrete products such as bricks, road blocks and various other products used in construction. To produce these concrete products, steel molds are used. Since the quality of the molds influences the quality of the products made with them, these molds are fabricated from high quality steel. Nevertheless, the pressure exerted on these molds does sometimes cause them to crack. In the past a grinder was used to prepare the crack for the weld. This was a slow and cumbersome job.

The solution

The company was introduced to the Powermax45® XP with gouging capability, using the 75-degree torch and the special gouging consumables.

Operator Johan Edvard Risnes: “One of the advantages of the Powermax45 XP is its efficiency. It reduces the time needed to do the job by half. It gets the molds quicker back into production and makes it easier for me to gouge. I use the Powermax45 XP for many other jobs that come into my workshop. All these cutting jobs are now a lot easier and done much quicker than before.”


  • Instead of grinding for 30 minutes and still not being able to gouge deep enough to make a good weld, the gouging job is now done in only 15 minutes. As the quality of the gouge improved as well, the mold can be used in production longer too.
  • Hydrogen and oxygen are no longer needed, so no more carrying around of gas bottles.
Posted on 06/30/2022
Posted by Hypertherm

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