ProNest provides Chungyong with an easy to use software for ship building

Posted on 05/03/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Chungyong Ind. Co., Ltd. of Korea is a manufacturer of parts used in ship building. The company’s two factories produce ducts, gas pipes and hatch doors for shipyards like Samsung and Daewoo, who are their major customers.

The problem

Since 2007, Chungyong had been using a software produced in Germany. However, the operators were not satisfied with the program; it was not easy to use and did not have automatic nesting functionality. Although the software came with a Korean language user manual, this proved to be of little help because the instructions were often difficult to understand.

The solution

When Chungyong replaced its previous ship building and nesting program with Hypertherm’s ProNest®, they started enjoying higher productivity and reduced material waste. Operators and managers were pleased to find that the software was simple to use, and even better, because the software is compatible with different types of cutting equipment, they only needed to learn one program to run all of their cutting systems.

The benefits

Chungyong saw an immediate improvement in production efficiency. For example, the Automatic Nesting module allows the desired cut parts to be nested automatically with a simple mouse click, minimizing waste on the plate. The feature also fills voids by nesting parts within parts and allows parts from different jobs to be nested and cut using the same piece of material – improving utilization and reducing scrap.

When CAD files are imported to ProNest, the software is able to automatically correct any drawing errors. ProNest can extract CAD layer Bill of Materials information related to the material type, thickness, customer, etc. for each part in the job, so operators do not have to key in the information. The software can also unfold and flatten 3D SOLIDWORKS® files and import them for nesting, eliminating the need for manual manipulation.

Lee Seung-Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Chungyong said, “Nesting is easier and faster now, and we have become more productive. We now spend less on materials and production, and are able to optimize our staff strength. On top of that, we have received business from construction companies, expanding our scope beyond shipbuilding.”

Posted on 05/03/2018
Posted by Hypertherm