Building a 1932 Ford pickup - part 3

Completing the front and back ends

To complete the front end, the Goulds purchased a front end kit with a 4" drop I-Beam axle along with a reverse eye transverse axle spring from Posies Rod And Customs, (allowing the front to be lowered a total of 5"). They also added a set of nostalgic style hairpins for an authentic Deuce look.

The rear end came from a ’69 Chevelle (10-bolt) and needed to be cleaned up. To remove the old mounting brackets, the Goulds used their Powermax30 as it produces less heat than oxyfuel and it doesn’t warp the metal. For the rear springs, the team chose to install parallel leaf springs to continue the old-time look of the truck.

Fitting the body

The team brought the cab to Skip’s garage from Clayton’s house down the street and test fitted it to the frame mounts. Aligning of the cab, mounting blocks and bolt holes in the frame ensured the team that the cab was in the correct location. It was clear from the start that there wasn’t enough clearance between the motor and the firewall for the distributor. To make room, the team cut out the lower portion of the old rusty firewall using their Powermax30. The firewall was then modified with pieces of sheet metal to provide adequate clearance for the motor and distributor.

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