LongLife plasma cutting systems

Ideal for production environments cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, our heavy-duty air and oxygen LongLife systems are cost-effective alternatives to oxyfuel or single-gas air plasma systems. Hypertherm’s patented LongLife® technology dramatically improves consumable life for both oxygen and air processes.

Features and benefits

  • LongLife technology provides maximum consumable life for high capacity automated cutting applications.
  • The need for minimal secondary operations can provide maximum productivity, significantly reducing operating costs.
  • LongLife air and oxygen plasma systems offer impressive cut speeds and pierce times up to 7 times faster than oxyfuel.
  • Exceptional reliability is a hallmark of Hypertherm’s LongLife air and oxygen plasma cutting systems.

Typical uses and applications




View a compilation of Hypertherm's MAXPRO200 system below.

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