Okay hot rodders, this post is for you

By Hypertherm
Posted on 01/07/2016 in SPARK the blog, Plasma cutting

Our first post of 2016 covers hot rod (or we suppose any sort of automotive) restoration and customization.

Hypertherm Auto Guru JoAnn Bortles recently came across a job in which she had to lower a truck. This required the addition of a C-notch kit. Here’s how JoAnn explains it:

“The C Notch procedure is very popular when customizing trucks. Most people want their custom trucks to be lower to the ground. In order to lower the suspension, the rear section of the frame above the axles must be “notched.” This involves cutting “u” shaped notches into the frame, then bolting (or welding) a plate onto the notched area. Any rivets in that area must be removed. These rivets are very heavy duty and cannot be drilled out so usually people use cutting wheels or grinders to remove them.  This takes a significant amount of time and is not easy to do.”

JoAnn goes on to show us how a plasma cutting system makes this work a whole lot faster and easier. Take a look!



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