Pipe and pipelines

When it comes to pipes and pipelines, Hypertherm systems are used both in the mill and in the field. Larger mechanized plasma systems are used in mills to cut pipe to size and to add holes and notches. In the field, pipeline workers use Powermax® air plasma to cut pipe, gouge out welds for repair, and create beveled edges for tighter fit-ups. Hypertherm air plasma systems can be used with a handheld torch, or with a mechanized air plasma torch on automated or manual pipe cutting and beveling tools. With automated systems, solutions such as Hypertherm’s ProNest® software can simplify the layout of large pipe sections and automatically calculate cuts and transitions.

Plasma offers significant advantages over other pipe cutting methods such as oxyfuel, carbon arc, and grinding. It’s safer, because it requires no flammable gas canisters, and the process doesn’t create airborne metal shards or swarf that might cause operator injury. In addition, plasma offers greater control and precision than alternative methods, and is also faster, since pre-heating isn’t required.

Typical uses include:

  • Pipe fabrication
  • Weld prep beveled edges for tighter fit-up and welding of pipe sections
  • Gouging welded joints prior to dismantling or rewelding
  • Pipe fit-up
  • Pipeline repair