Hypertherm cartridge: SmartSYNC or adapter 85 A mechanized cutting

Part number: #428934

85 A mechanized cartridges provide optimal production performance when cutting within the thickness range of 10 mm (3/8″) to 16 mm (5/8″) thick. Exceeding optimal thickness range can result in decreases in speed and cut quality. To maximize cartridge life and performance select the correct amperage cartridge for the workpiece you are cutting.

85 A mechanized cutting cartridges are compatible with:

  • SmartSYNC® torches for the Powermax85/105 SYNC® systems
  • Duramax® torches using a torch adapter* for Powermax85®/105 systems.
  • Mechanized cartridges can also be used on hand torches if cutting with a stand-off is desired.

*When using a mechanized cartridge with a torch adapter on a Duramax machine torch refer to the Cut charts guide for cartridge adapter on Duramax torches (811300MU). Optional ohmic ring torch height sensor kits are also available.

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