Hyamp torch adapter

The Hyamp™ torch adapter kit makes the 44 mm (1-3/4") machine torches (on the Powermax125® and MAXPRO200® systems) compatible with track burners, pipe cutters, cutting tables, and legacy equipment that accept a 35 mm (1-3/8") barrel torch.

The adapter is also compatible with a wide variety of equipment including track burners from Bug-O, Steelmax, Victor, Koike, older X-Y cutting tables from Plasmacam and Torchmate, and pipe cutting machines from Mathey Dearman, H&M, Sawyer, Koike, Victor, and Wachs.

More information is available in Field Service Bulletin 809170 on the Hypertherm xNet.

Hypertherm is not affiliated with the named manufacturers. Reference to machines, parts, descriptions, and model numbers are for convenience only. The Hyamp torch adapter is made by or for Hypertherm and is not made by the referenced manufacturers, unless expressly indicated. References to the named machines, torches, consumables and/or model numbers are for convenience only. Hypertherm is a registered trademark of Hypertherm Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


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428495 Hyamp torch adapter

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