Hypertherm HyPerformance® plasma is routinely used in the manufacture of heavy mining equipment because of its ability to cut heavy steel at high speeds, and there is virtually no need for secondary operations. While HyPerformance plasma is preferred outside the mines, when it comes time to head underground, mining companies turn to another Hypertherm product: Powermax® air plasma.  The combination of durability, portability, reliability, and ease of use makes these systems an ideal cutting solution for harsh mining environments.

Typical uses include:

  • Gouging out welds prior to repairing trucks and loaders
  • Pipe fabrication and repair
  • Parts fabrication (e.g., angle irons, pipe supports, hanging brackets, etc.)
  • Repair of heavy equipment such as loaders, shovels, graders, bulldozers, truck beds, and utility vehicles
  • Automated plate edge finishing of A, V, Y and K bevel angles for weld preparation

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