HPR cartridge for HPRXD systems

The Hypertherm HPR® cartridge represents a revolutionary change to traditional mechanized plasma consumables. Dramatically simplifying plasma cutting, the cartridge replaces five standard consumables, eliminating costly stack-up errors. Increase productivity with faster consumable changeover and reduced training time.

Benefits of HPR cartridge

Simplify plasma cutting

  • One cartridge replaces five standard consumables.
  • Toolless consumable change allows the cartridge to be replaced without removing the torch.
  • Clearly marked single-piece consumable eliminates stack-up errors.
  • Easy to upgrade - no process changes needed.

Lower operating cost

  • Longer life resulting in fewer consumables used.
  • Less time spent managing consumables at the cutting machine and reduces costs associated with purchase, inventory, and storage of consumables.
  • Improved quality over life reduces secondary operations, specifically grinding due to dross and angularity.

Enhanced cut quality

  • Extended cut quality over life compared to standard HPR consumables.
  • New consumables with each cartridge ensure the highest cut quality results from your HPR.
  • Fewer consumable parts to manage encourages customers to cut at recommended amperages for their applications.

Increased productivity

  • Faster consumable changeovers reduces downtime, putting more plate through cutting process.
  • Eliminates consumable stack-up mistakes that results in expensive rework, plate damage, torch and consumable failures, and down-time.
  • Simplifies operator training.

Simplified torch design with plug-in-play compatibility

  • Connects directly to standard HPRXD® receptable.
  • No setting changes required.
  • Use your current HPRXD torch for cutting all other HPR processes.


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Learn more about the HPR cartridge

HPR cartridge part numbers

HPR cartridge

HPR cartridge consumablesNew!


Mild steel process Retaining cap Cartridge Water tube Torch body
80 A (standard cutting)* 420708 420803 420728 420729
130 A (standard cutting)* 420708 420705 420728 420729
260 A (standard cutting / bevel cutting)* 420708 420715 420728 420729

* HPR cartridge require a new torch body, water tube, and retaining cap. The HPR cartridge torch body connects directly to a standard HPRXD receptacle (part number 220705).

HPR cartridge kitsNew!

Type Kit p/n Includes p/n Description Quantity
Torch starter kit 528101 420729  Torch body 1
    420728 Water tube 1
    420708 Retaining cap 1
    528107 Kit: O-ring cartridge torch 1
Cartridge 3-pk kits
528102 420803 Kit: Cartridge, 80 A 3


Kit: Cartridge, 130 A 3
  528104 420715 Kit: Cartridge, 260 A 3
   528105** 420803, 420705, 420715 Kit: Cartridge, multi-amps 3

** Note: 528105 cartridge multi-amps kit contains (1) of each amperage (80 A, 130 A, and 260 A).

Cartridge compatible HPRXD systems