Integrating MRP and ProNest software saves time and money for manufacturer

Posted on 05/11/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Top Tier, Inc. is a leading supplier of palletizers – mission-critical components of automated end-of-line packaging operations for food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the company provides single palletizers as well as systems that are integrated with existing conveyor and other material handling equipment.

The problem

Top Tier’s manufacturing facility nests 20 to 30 sheets at a time to meet its production requirements. However, with a wide variety of parts and different materials, that could mean a half day’s work for the nesting programmer to import all the CAD files and manually assign part properties such as quantity, material type, and thickness. The company was looking for a way to link their nesting software with their MRP system which already contained most of the necessary part data.

The solution

Top Tier contacted pc/MRP, their accounting and inventory software provider, and found that they would be able to integrate directly with Hypertherm’s ProNest® software. As soon as it was installed, they were able to import entire spreadsheets of parts from pc/MRP directly into ProNest – no additional programming required!

The benefits

The time savings have been significant. Programmer Rick Kirkpatrick explains, “This took a large burden away from the programming process. What used to take four hours to complete now takes only 20 minutes. It’s not my only job to do the programming, so this frees me up to spend my time elsewhere. At the end of the day that time translates into dollars and cents, and that’s a huge cost savings.”

Posted on 05/11/2018
Posted by Hypertherm