Platesaver technology helps increase productivity and profitability

Posted on 12/12/2022
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Metalgusa is a steel service center in Southern Brazil. The company works with a wide variety of customers, specializing in carbon steel, mostly between 16 mm (5/8″) and 25 mm (1″) thick. The company prides itself on operational excellence. It works to deliver high-quality parts that meet or exceed customer specifications for cut quality that is both on-time and on-budget. One way it does this is using plasma equipment and software technology from Hypertherm Associates.  

The problem

Two Hypertherm plasma systems, an HPR260XD® and HPR400XD® have done the bulk of Metalgusa’s cutting over recent years.  With business growing, however, Metalgusa found itself needing to add a third system to keep up with demand.

The solution

Happy with its two HPR® systems, the company didn’t hesitate to go with Hypertherm plasma once again, this time choosing a 300-amp X-Definition™ system, the XPR300®. With three systems instead of two, the ability to process more work was a given. Surprisingly though, the company discovered something else: not only did they gain cutting capacity, but the XPR300 was able to cut more parts on the same size plate than any of their previous cutting tables. 

“To get the most out of our investment in the XPR® system, we started using ProNest® with PlateSaver™ technology. Immediately our standard of service rose considerably,” explains Patrick Bernardo da Silva, a programming manager at Metalgusa. “The Hypertherm solution in general has given us several benefits.” 

The benefits

By combining the XPR plasma system with Hypertherm’s ProNest nesting software, Metalgusa gained access to PlateSaver, an all-new SureCut™ technology from the Hypertherm Associates Software Group. PlateSaver combines the arc stability of X-Definition plasma with specialized parameters built into the software to dramatically—and automatically—increase material utilization. It works by adjusting lead size, style, location, and uses a moving pierce to minimize part separations while at the same time maintaining part quality.

Da Silva is thrilled with the PlateSaver technology, since it helps Metalgusa fit more parts on each plate.

“In this last project for example, we went from 224 pieces cut per plate, to 247 pieces cut; the software reduced lead length from 11 to 8 millimeters in a 16 mm plate at 220 amps,” da Silva says. “With the high cost of material, we increased profitability. We were able to make more parts with the same sheet, with higher quality and less waste.”

In addition, Metalgusa is taking advantage of True Hole®, another SureCut technology that is applied automatically by the software. The X-Definition system is able to produce very accurate holes, which helps deliver higher quality parts to customers without the need for secondary hole cutting processes.

Da Silva says the combination of the Hypertherm XPR plasma and ProNest solution is helping it produce higher quality parts, more quickly, without the need for time-consuming and costly secondary work. “Our plasma cut parts are virtually ready-to-use with no rework required so we’ve had numerous gains.”


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Posted on 12/12/2022
Posted by Hypertherm

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