Flush cutting

Flush cutting is an application typically used to remove attachments, protrusions, or fixtures from the surface of an otherwise flat base material, without cutting or damaging the overall surface. Flush cutting with handheld plasma systems is done efficiently using special consumables that direct the plasma arc at a 45° angle from the torch head.

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Flush cutting applications include:

  • Removing lifting lugs, pad eyes and temporary welded supports used for material handling.

  • Light material washing of base plate after cutting

  • End cap removal

  • Welding access hole (“rat hole”) cuts in I and H beams

  • Bolt and rivet removal

  • Casting sprue removal

  • Post tension cable tail cuts

  • Removing work platform/ground attachments

Flush cutting with plasma vs. oxyfuel

Plasma requires less overall pre-processing time than oxyfuel – no gas setting, purging or preheating – increasing the efficiency of the operation. And, unlike oxyfuel, plasma can remove attachments made of stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

In addition, cutting with a Powermax® system significantly reduces the heat-affected zone (HAZ) by about 80% as compared to oxyfuel, which is especially useful in flush cutting applications, and provides several important advantages:

  • The ability to safely cut closer to the base material minimizes the need for secondary grinding.

  • Cutting closer to the base leaves more of the attachment for reuse, as well as avoiding damage to the base plate, reducing material and labor costs.

* Graphic based on lab results

Flush cutting with plasma vs. carbon arc gouging

Plasma arc gouging product

With carbon arc gouging, multiple passes are required to remove the welds on each side of a temporary attachment, requiring additional time and resources. Powermax systems allow operators to remove lugs and attachments in a single cutting pass.

Flush cutting with plasma is also a quieter and less smoky process, which can improve the overall industrial hygiene of any shop or yard.


How customers are using our solutions

  • Petrochemical plant avoids factory stops

    Petrochemical plant avoids factory stops

    In the past, whenever this Brazilian petrochemical plant had to remove corroded pipes from its reactors, a full 15-day factory shut-down was required. Today, with Powermax® plasma and FlushCut™ consumables it is possible to do the job without disrupting production.

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FlushCut consumables

FlushCut consumables

Patented FlushCut™ consumables for Powermax systems have a non-centric nozzle bore design that allows the plasma arc to come out of the torch at a 45 degree angle. This new, patented design lets Powermax users cut closer to base materials. And because of the FlushCut consumables' unique ability to cut so close to base materials, users are more likely to be able to reuse pad eyes, attachments and temporary weld supports.

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