Hypertherm plasma, laser, and waterjet systems are making the energy industry more efficient and productive. Oil and gas, nuclear power, and wind farms rely on Hypertherm air plasma for its portability and ability to cut metal in remote locations under adverse conditions. Requiring no high pressure or flammable gases, air plasma offers a much safer option than oxyfuel. FlushCut™ consumables make maintenance jobs easier by reducing post secondary grinding.

Hypertherm systems are also used in the construction and repair of power line towers, pipelines, and energy plants. Automated plasma systems are used in the manufacture of heavy piping and large wind turbine tubes, while our automated waterjet systems are ideal for cutting items sensitive to a heat-affected zone.

Typical uses include:

  • Construction, maintenance, and repair of wind turbines
  • Construction and maintenance of nuclear power plants
  • Pipeline construction, repair, and dismantling
  • Pipe beveling and fit-up
  • Equipment and fleet truck repair
  • Reel and pole trailer repair
  • Tank and vessel fabrication and repair
  • Support structure fabrication and repair
  • Plant, pipeline and equipment dismantling