Metal scrapping

Salvaging scrap metal from old appliances, industrial equipment, cars, and other items is an important part of the lifecycle of raw materials. It minimizes waste, maximizes the value of manufactured goods, and significantly reduces environmental impact.

In order to realize the value of scrap metal, recyclers and scrap yards have to cut up the material and sort the different metals. While mild steel, the most common scrap metal, can be cut up using oxyfuel, shears, or plasma, higher value non-ferrous metals, such as stainless steel and aluminum, can only be cut by mechanical means or with plasma metal cutter.

Advantages of using plasma for metal scrapping

  • Plasma is generally faster and safer than other methods, with improved ergonomic conditions and worker safety.
  • Unlike oxyfuel, plasma can be used to cut non-ferrous metals as well as ferrous, which allows the scrap yard to focus on higher value metals like aluminum and copper.
  • Plasma improves productivity and labor costs with easier-to-use cutting methods. Shears, in particular, require a skilled operator, and the expensive equipment can be easily damaged.

Hypertherm Powermax plasma systems are the right tool for the job

Powermax® plasma systems can handle metal thicknesses up to 50mm (2”) at speeds faster or equal to oxyfuel, making them versatile additions to any scrapping operation. And because Powermax plasma also cuts stainless steel and aluminum, you can handle a wider variety of jobs.

With a complete selection of torch and consumable styles, it’s easy to match the cutting tool to the task at hand. Choose a standard handheld torch for typical applications, or up to a 1.2m (4') long torch that can improve job site safety by eliminating awkward reaches. Consumables for gouging, cutting in tight locations, and flush cutting expand your options even further.

Metal scrapping operations

The Duramax® Hyamp™ Long torch makes scrapping operations safer by allowing the operator to stand further away from the cut, and eliminating awkward reaches.