SilverPlus electrodes

SilverPlus® electrodes incorporate a hafnium/silver interface at the point of electrical transfer. The hafnium/silver extracts more heat and has a stronger bond than hafnium/copper.

The result: dramatically longer electrode and nozzle life – increasing productivity and lowering operating costs by reducing the number of consumable sets used and changeouts.


System information


SilverPlus lasts over 2 times longer than standard electrodes

Our testing process
We used rigorous life tests to benchmark SilverPlus® electrodes against our standard electrodes. Our 20/20 test involves piercing metal and cutting for 20 seconds with 20% programmed ramp down errors. This means that 20% of the time, we purposely committed errors while cutting, such as running off the plate.

This test protocol is intended to simulate the actual cutting environment. We ran tests using Hypertherm's standard HPR oxygen cutting parameters. These procedures were repeated until the electrode no longer functioned.

SilverPlus cut quality

Friction-welded silver/copper joint

Unlike conventional copper/silver electrodes, SilverPlus electrodes feature a robust solid-state copper/silver weld joint. This bond is near forge quality, ensuring the best possible electrical and thermal conductivity. This not only ensures the consistency of every electrode; it maximizes service life.

Enhanced reliability

Because the silver and copper are welded prior to electrode machining, the hafnium is guaranteed to be perfectly centered in the electrode, enhancing both reliability and cutting performance.

Twice the life of all-copper electrodes

The unique design of SilverPlus electrodes minimizes debris build up on the inside wall of the nozzle, reducing damage to the nozzle orifice. As a result, SilverPlus technology doubles the life of both the electrode and the nozzle.

Like all Hypertherm consumables, SilverPlus electrodes are designed with critical-to-function tolerances and manufactured with the highest levels of precision and repeatability – delivering highly reliable, consistent performance in the most demanding cutting operations.


How the technology works

SilverPlus® electrodes utilize a hafnium/silver interface at the point of electrical transfer. The hafnium/silver interface extracts more heat and has a stronger bond, enabling a deeper pit depth in the hafnium. This means that you will get double the life compared to standard copper electrodes.

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SystemAmperagePart number
HPR® / HPRXD® 80 A 420566
HPR® / HPRXD® 130 A 220665
HPR® / HPRXD® 200 A 220666
HPR® / HPRXD® 260 A 220668
HPR400XD® 400 A 420530
HSD130® 130 A 420185
HT2000® 200 A 220084
HT2000® with HyPro2000™ torch 130 A 420185
HT2000® with HyPro2000™ torch 200 A 220925
MAX200® 200 A 220083
HT4400® 200-400 A 220412
HD3070® 100 A 220408
HT4001® 260 A 220397
HT4000® 400 A 220397
HT400® 400 A 220397


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