Improved work speed and product quality

Posted on 09/23/2019
Posted by Hypertherm

“We highly recommend the XPR™ system and we are looking at additional purchases in the future.” – Daeyoung Sus Tech

Raising productivity while cutting stainless steel

For South Korea’s Daeyoung Sus Tech finding a solution that would enable them to retain their competitive edge and improve production capabilities for the long-term was paramount. Since they began operations in 2001, this metal fabricator has been focused mainly on producing stainless steel parts and bars for semiconductor manufacturers and construction companies.

A solution to meet future needs

In 2018, in a bid to consolidate their facilities and expand their operations, Daeyoung Sus Tech began the process of setting up a new factory building – one that is almost four times larger than their previous facilities. Management not only wished to update their equipment, but also to find a solution that would enhance their production capabilities. Thus, Daeyoung Sus Tech embarked on a hunt for a cutting system that would empower them to meet future production needs.

After an extensive search, the team at Daeyoung Sus Tech found Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma cutting system with X-Definition® technology the answer to their rigorous requirements.

“We were focused on finding a solution that would help us improve work speed and cut quality,” shared Mr. Cho Woo Je, General Manager. “After meeting with the Hypertherm customer service team we were very impressed by both the X-Definition technology and their service, so we made the XPR300 our preferred choice.”

Reaping the benefits of the XPR300

For Daeyoung Sus Tech, which works with stainless steel materials that range from 6 mm to 100 mm (¼ to 4″) in thickness, finding a solution that addresses their varied cutting needs while enjoying excellent cut quality was a dream fulfilled.

New features on the XPR300 system also made things easier for operators. Users have full control of functions and settings via the CNC, which provides automatic monitoring. This made it easy for the team to get accustomed to the XPR300 system quickly and launch their production processes.

“It was very convenient for our workers, that after an initial set-up, they can automatically start the cutting process by simply pressing the start button,” commented Mr. Shin Hui Seong, Senior Manager for Operations.

In the past, Daeyoung Sus Tech deployed a local plasma system for their cutting needs. This system required almost 12 hours to fulfill an order. The new XPR300 completes the cutting job within 7–8 hours – reducing production time by more than 30 percent.

Fulfilling partnership set to continue

Only a few months after the investment was made , Daeyoung Sus Tech is clearly noticing the benefits of the new addition to their production floor – enjoying the many improvements the XPR300 has brought them compared to their earlier system.

“Our efficiency and product quality have improved significantly,” commented Mr. Cho.
“I am satisfied that we’ve not had any problems since using the XPR300 which I’d highly recommend. We’re also looking at additional purchases in the future to move forward with our expansion plans.”


Posted on 09/23/2019
Posted by Hypertherm

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