Fab shop expands cutting capabilities and grows business

Posted on 11/07/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Metal Corbert is a fabrication shop located in Shawinigan, Québec, Canada, specializing in metal part production and offering a turnkey service from CAD design to production, painting and delivery.

The problem

The outdated, conventional plasma cutting table at Metal Corbert was forcing the production team to outsource much of their cutting just to keep up with orders. They wanted to upgrade their equipment and bring the work back in-house. This would not only lower costs, but would also enable them to move more quickly to next steps such as bending and welding, improving overall turnaround time.

The solution

After some initial research, the company chose to work with Québec-based machine manufacturer, Machitech Automation, a provider of Hypertherm original equipment. “We were impressed with what we saw from Machitech and Hypertherm, not only in terms of cut quality and cut speed, but also the level of support and after-sales service being offered,” explained Louis Gilbert, President of Operations. “And we could see that Hypertherm was very innovative and always looking to go beyond the competition and the end user’s needs.”

Metal Corbert ultimately decided to invest in a Hypertherm HPR400XD® high definition plasma system with automatic gas console. The system includes an EDGE® Pro CNC with Machitech® height control and ProNest® nesting software. These components also gave the system the ability to leverage Hypertherm’s True Hole® technology.

The benefits

Metal Corbert has not only been able to achieve their goal of bringing all cutting operations back in-house; they have also been able to expand their service offerings to new customers. “We were very pleased with the performance of the system,” stated General Manager, Lucie Godin. “We’re getting 50% better consumable life than what was being offered by other manufacturers. We’re also getting excellent cut quality using True Hole technology. And we’ve been surprised at how easy it is to operate the EDGE Pro controller and ProNest software.”

“ProNest has been very easy to program and it allows us to get our parts cut more quickly. In addition, we’re using the Plate Inventory option which has improved our traceability.”

Posted on 11/07/2018
Posted by Hypertherm