Industrias John Deere increases productivity and reduces costs with new cutting machine software

Posted on 08/22/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

The company and products

Industrias John Deere (Mexico S.A.) of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico is a subsidiary of Deere & Company, worldwide business leader in the manufacturing and marketing of agricultural equipment. Through this subsidiary, John Deere has assembled, produced and marketed a wide variety of agricultural machinery in Mexico since 1955. Currently, Industrias John Deere operates three plants, two in Monterrey and one in Saltillo, serving more than 140 distributors in Mexico and Central America.

The problem

Industrias John Deere (IJD) has more than 30 pieces of cutting equipment for sheet and plate processing, and uses various types of CNC technology, such as laser cutting, high density plasma, conventional plasma, oxyfuel and punching. All the cut material is carbon steel, ranging from 1 mm (0.040 in.) to 57.15 mm (2.250 in.) in thickness.

As part of the continuous improvement process aiming to maximize profitability, IJD adopted an initiative for improving its plate and sheet cutting process. One of the goals of this initiative was to find cutting machine software that provided better material utilization, ease of use, and the ability to support the company’s different types of processes and machinery.

The solution

After extensive testing of numerous cutting machine software programs, IJD chose Hypertherm’s ProNest® because it was the all-in-one solution that the company had been looking for.

The benefits

Since ProNest was first adopted by IJD more than 12 years ago, the subsidiary has seen a 20% decrease in the use of materials, a result that is directly attributable to the use of the software.

Mr. Ignacio Mondragon, member of the Quality and Strategic Manufacturing Department was the person responsible for introducing ProNest to IJD. He said, “The investment originally made to acquire the ProNest software was recovered in less than six months as a result of the savings obtained through better use of materials. In addition, the staff at Hypertherm’s software team has always been very receptive to our needs; we have received excellent support and many of the suggestions that we have made for improving the software’s functionality have been reflected in subsequent versions.”

Posted on 08/22/2018
Posted by Hypertherm