Powermax SYNC: Display for operators

Posted on 10/15/2021 in Setup and support, Plasma cutting

This short video provides an overview of the Powermax SYNC™ display screens that most operators are likely to use. Learn how to adjust a reset settings, navigate to Hypertherm cartridge data, and other useful information.

Main menu screen

To access the main menu screen, push and hold the Amperage/Gas Selector button for 2 seconds.

The four screen category options are:

  1. Cartridge and power supply data
  2. System information
  3. Service information
  4. and Settings

Operators will find valuable information and capabilities in the cartridge data and settings screens.

  • While viewing these screens, an Exit/ Return arrow is available in the upper left-hand corner to go back to the previous screen.

  • Also note that pressing the Gas Pressure Setting Mode Selector button while will exit directly back to the main status display screen.

Cartridge and system data screen

To select the cartridge and system data screen, use the adjustment knob to highlight the icon and press the Amperage/Gas Selector button to accept. Here you see the cartridge data, power supply data and the complete cartridge history for the system.

  • The cartridge data screen displays part number, description, and maximum amperage for the current cartridge. This screen also shows cartridge usage data such as starts, pilot arc time, transfers, and transfer time.

    • This information can used to understand system performance.When the torch is fired, the starts field changes but not transfers. This happens because there was no arc transfer to a workpiece. Excessive piloting without transfer can negatively impact cartridge life.

    • When a previously used cartridge is installed, the data will change to reflect the usage history of that cartridge.

    • Once a cartridge has been completely used, you can record life data to compare to other cartridges.

    • Use the Exit/Return arrow to return to the previous screen to select power supply information.
  • The power supply data screen displays current status information such as set current, incoming voltage, active fault code, arc voltage, gas inlet pressure, component temperatures, cumulative pilot arc time and transfer time.

  • The last menu option in this category is Cartridge History which is represented by a pie chart. The cartridge history screen provides the user with statistics on the cumulative data for all cartridges used on the system. Here you can find the number of starts for cutting, gouging, or expanded metal mode. A complete list of the icons found on this screen is available in the operators manual.

Return to the main menu and select the settings icon.


In settings you can set the operator preferences for the LCD display screen.

  • Selecting the LCD category, you have options to adjust the brightness and contrast for better viewing.

  • There is a selection to display starts and transfers at the main status screen while in operation. To enable this feature, use the adjustment knob to check the box and press the Amperage/Gas Selector button.

To return to the default system settings, press the Amperage/Gas Selector Button and the Pressure Setting Mode Selector buttons together for 2 seconds. Once at the factory reset screen use the adjustment knob to select the yes button. Press the gas selector button to reset the unit to factory settings.


This concludes the Powermax SYNC Display for operators video.




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