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By Hypertherm
Posted on 04/17/2014 in SPARK the blog, General

We’re launching SPARK the blog for a few reasons. The first, we think there’s a lot of misinformation about the best way to cut metal…or stone…or whatever else needs to be cut.

As a manufacturer of three different types of cutting methods-plasma, laser, and waterjet-we think we’re in a unique position to help you choose the method that’s right for you.

Beyond choosing the right cutting process, we want to help you get the most from your investment. Whether you’re a home hobbyist, small welding shop, or large service center, chances are you put a lot of thought into your purchase. Properly caring for your system including the cutting head is important if you want to see the best performance.

The second reason for starting this blog is to share some of what we’ve learned through the years. It’s hard to believe, but we’re rapidly approaching our fiftieth anniversary. When we first started Hypertherm we had just one goal in mind: cut the cost of cutting metal. Beyond that aspiration, we didn't have much in the 2-car garage we called our headquarters, except an idea for making plasma cutting better.

Since then, we’ve grown and changed in ways unimaginable to us at the time, but our founding purpose and ideals remain the same. Our 100 percent associate owners remain focused on providing American built cutting solutions and are driven in their search to discover and meet changing customer needs.

As we launch SPARK the blog, we are excited to share technological breakthroughs, answer questions, and help you overcome your cutting challenges.

Posted in SPARK the blog, General



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