Error free updates with Hypernet

By Hypertherm
Posted on 01/07/2015 in SPARK the blog, Motion controls

If you own a Hypertherm EDGE Pro or MicroEDGE Pro CNC along with an ArcGlide THC and HyPerformance XD plasma system then you may have access to a powerful communications tool called Hypernet. Hypertherm's Hypernet is an Ethernet based protocol that allows the above systems to communicate with one another. Another advantage is that you can easily upload new software when it is available. However, it is important that all of your Hypertherm components (the CNC, THC, and power supply) are turned on. If not, the software update won't process correctly and your entire plasma set-up may stop functioning.

This is because the CNC, THC, and plasma system are all tied together and the software update may affect more than just the CNC. For example, our recent Phoenix version 9.71 software update contains embedded code for the entire Hypernet protocol. For the Hypernet protocol to update correctly, the ArcGlide and the HyPerformance XD system must be powered on. If they are not, the CNC is unable to communicate with those two components. This, in turn, will cause you to receive a "mismatch software revision" error the next time you try to run your system. Though the error is relatively easy to fix, you can save yourself some time by remembering to turn everything on before you begin in the first place.

If you have further questions about this technical tip, you can give the Hypertherm Technical Service team a call at 800-643-9878 or send an email to

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