Choosing the right pump size for your waterjet system

By Hypertherm
Posted on 05/28/2015 in SPARK the blog, Waterjet cutting

When it comes to waterjet pumps, bigger isn't always better. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of two different sized pumps: 60,000 psi vs. 90,000 psi.

Advantages of a larger pump:
- Can cut thicker (more than 4") material
- Can cut at a higher cut speed
- Uses less abrasive

Disadvantages of a larger pump:
- Costs more to own and maintain
- Higher downtime and shorter time between maintenance intervals because parts will wear out faster

Advantages of a smaller pump:
- Lower total cost of ownership
- In many cases, a smaller pump can match the cut speed of a larger pump
- Higher reliability
- Longer time between service intervals

To summarize then, a larger pump may enable you to cut thicker material and at a higher cut speed, but you'll experience a higher operating cost and more downtime compared to a smaller pump.



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