Hypertherm Cutting Institute

Hypertherm Cutting Institute logoTurn to the Hypertherm Cutting Institute (HCI) to learn more about Hypertherm products and technologies. This online classroom offers a number of self-guided and certified courses that you can take at your convenience. These free trainings cover a range of topics related to plasma, waterjet, and laser cutting; including beginner to advanced classes on system operation and maintenance, CAD/CAM part nesting software, computer numerical controls (CNC), and more. Take a look to see all that we have to offer and check back often, as new HCI courses are added regularly. 


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Watch videos on applications, technology overviews, how-tos, troubleshooting and system setup, and on-demand webinars.

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Find upcoming events including live webinars, tradeshows, career fairs, and more that Hypertherm is hosting or participating in.


Introduction to CAD/CAM

This beginner level course will increase your knowledge, understanding, and confidence when dealing with CAD/CAM software and related topics. The course defines basic CAD/ CAM terms, explains the role of CAM software in modern manufacturing, and builds a foundation for further CAD/CAM software training.


Plasma cutting technology

This course will give you an introduction to plasma cutting and its industrial uses. You’ll learn the parts of a plasma system and consumables, and identify various cut types, including drop cuts, freehand cuts, template/guide cuts, hole pierces, and gouges. You’ll also learn how to properly set up and operate a handheld plasma system.