Canadian Industrial Machinery magazine features Hypertherm customer

By Hypertherm
Posted on 10/21/2014 in SPARK the blog, Plasma cutting

We've talked about our Built for Business Integrated Cutting Solutions in past posts. Our integrated cutting solutions allow us to multiply the capabilities of a cutting system by designing it to work as one integrated system. So we take four separate components (the power supply, CNC, THC, and CAD/CAM software) and engineer each in partnership with our OEM table manufacturers for seamless operation.

Since introducing our Built for Business line-up in 2010, we've heard from many, many customers who have benefitted from the technology embedded within. Though our engineers knew Built for Business would help our customers create bolt-ready holes, improve the speed and ease of cutting beveled edges, and increase the number of parts cut per hour, it is always exciting to connect those benefits to a customer with real world challenges.

One example of this is found in the newest issue of Canadian Industrial Machinery. The magazine includes an article on Metal Corbert, a Quebec company that turned "a log jam" into a "free-flowing production" center.

Read the article and see how they did it!  



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