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The Hyamp™ torch adapter kit makes the 44 mm (1-3/4") machine torches (on the Powermax125® and MAXPRO200® systems) compatible with track burners, pipe cutters, cutting tables, and legacy equipment that accept a 35 mm (1-3/8") barrel torch.

The ohmic contact ring clips onto the mechanized cartridge, and connects it via electrical wire to torch height controls (THCs) that support the use of ohmic contact to find the surface of the workpiece before each cut.

The versatile and easy-to-use plasma bevel cutting guide is designed to cut a precise beveled edge for perfect weld preparation. 

Protect your Powermax plasma system against oil in compressed air to maximize consumable life and system performance.

  • Maximize productivity with less downtime as auto-drain filter removes dirt and oil
  • Filter capacity of 0.01 microns and larger
  • Connects with Hypertherm 128647 air filter kit for the ultimate clean air combination
  • Deliver plenty of air with flow capacity of 20 scfm (566lpm) at 100 psi. 

Cut skeletons faster and easier with the new Hypertherm torch sled for the Duramax® Hyamp™ Long torch. This new guide allows the torch to glide smoothly over the face of the skeleton and is also useful for scrapping.

Hypertherm teach tools for SmartSYNC™, Duramax® and Duramax Hyamp™ robotic torches assist with programming robots before cutting. The torch teach tools enable system operators to program the robot’s cutting path, while visually verifying the torch will not touch the workpiece while cutting.

The Hypertherm cartridge reader provides a simple process for reviewing data stored in Hypertherm cartridges. Data analysis helps customers understand cartridge utilization and identify operator training opportunities.

To make the off-table bevel process better suited for plasma cutting, Hypertherm offers a torch alignment guide and V-bevel process charts for Powermax65®/85/105/125 or MAXPRO200® systems.

The cartridge adapter lets you convert to Hypertherm’s new cartridge consumable platform if you have a Powermax45® XP with a Duramax® Lock torch or a Powermax65®, Powermax85®, or Powermax105® with a Duramax torch.

Hypertherm air filtration kits protect Powermax systems against contaminated air and moisture from air lines.

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