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The versatile and easy-to-use plasma bevel cutting guide is designed to cut a precise beveled edge for perfect weld preparation. 

Hypertherm teach tools for Duramax® and Duramax Hyamp™ robotic torches assist with programming robots before cutting. The torch teach tools enable system operators to program the robot’s cutting path, while visually verifying the torch will not touch the workpiece while cutting.

The Hyamp™ torch adapter kit makes the 44 mm (1-3/4") machine torches (on the Powermax125® and MAXPRO200® systems) compatible with track burners, pipe cutters, cutting tables, and legacy equipment that accept a 35 mm (1-3/8") barrel torch.

The rugged rolling tool bag is for protecting and transporting the Powermax30® XP, 30 AIR, 45, and 45 XP plasma cutting systems and accessories. The bag comes in black with a Hypertherm logo.

Hypertherm air filtration kits protect Powermax systems against contaminated air and moisture from air lines.

Hypertherm wheel and gantry kits for added mobility to move Powermax plasma cutting systems.

The Hypertherm leather torch sheath provides additional protection for torch leads against cuts, burn-through and abrasion.

The Hypertherm remote trigger pendant has a remote on/off control for a machine torch.

Hypertherm system dust covers are made from a flame-retardant vinyl designed to protect your Powermax plasma cutting system from dust and dirt.

Hypertherm machine interface cables are connecting the CPC port to CNC controllers on Powermax45®, 65, 85, 105 and 125 models.

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