Shipbuilding and ship repair

Hypertherm plasma cutting systems are increasing productivity and profitability in shipyards and boat manufacturing plants around the world. From the largest cargo vessels to submarines to recreational craft, our products play a key role in all phases of fabrication and repair, providing dross-free cuts for better welding and tighter fit-up.

Used both on mechanized X-Y tables and in portable hand-held applications, plasma cutting tools enhance safety by eliminating the use of combustible gases and the subsequent risk of fire or explosion. They also cut cleaner, minimizing the need for additional grinding. And because plasma has a smaller heat-affected zone, plasma cutting tools reduce warpage.

Typical uses include:

“The speed of the cutting process and thru-put are very important to us. The cutting process needs to be quick, and at the same time, the cuts need to be precise and clean.”

– Bollinger Shipyards

“Cut quality is very good, great actually. It exceeds all the standards we need to adhere to. Holes are nice and round; everything’s even.”

– Gunderson Marine

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