Air filtration kits

Hypertherm air filtration kits come with a 1-micron filter to protect Hypertherm Powermax® plasma cutting systems against contaminated air and an auto-drain moisture separator that filters water and moisture from air lines.


Accessory information


  • Differential Pressure Indicator
  • 1/4 inch port
  • Flow Capacity: 20 scfm @100 PSI

Buying information

Replacement air filters are compatible with all Hypertherm eliminizer air filter kits.

Item Description
128647 Hypertherm air filtration kit for Powermax30®/45 XP, Powermax65®/85/105/125, Powermax65/85/105 SYNC™
228570 Hypertherm air filtration kit with Powermax65®/85, Powermax65/85 SYNC™ cover
228890 Hypertherm air filtration kit with Powermax105®/125, Powermax105 SYNC™ cover
011092 Replacement air filtration element for Hypertherm air filter kits 128647, 228570, and 228890
228624 Powermax65®/85, Powermax65/85 SYNC™ steel guard for air filtration kit
101215 Powermax105®/125, Powermax105 SYNC™ steel guard for air filtration kit
428718 Optional wall mounting bracket for 128647/428719 filter kits

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