Artwork, signs, and ornamentation

Craftsmen, artisans, and industrial shops use both handheld and mechanized plasma systems to help them produce decorative and functional objects of all types, including signage, sculptures, gates, fences, and furniture.

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Create custom art and intricate shapes with virtually any material

Computer-controlled plasma, laser, and waterjet systems are used in many large shops to easily cut metal, glass, and wood with precision and repeatability. In recent years, increased availability of affordable light industrial CNC options has made it possible for small home-based businesses, makers, and hobbyists to create intricate projects as well.

Plasma cutting solutions can be used in handheld or mechanized applications, and can cut any conductive metal, including many commonly used in ornamental artwork such as copper, stainless steel, and brass. In addition, a wide range of plasma consumables provides flexibility and versatility to cutting operations, such as fine feature cutting, extended reach cutting, and gouging.

Typical uses include:

  • Creating metal artwork from mild steel, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel

  • Cutting intricate shapes and designs from various thicknesses of metal and glass to fabricate gates, fences, railings, and staircases

  • Fabricating frames, posts, match plates, furniture, and cabinets for signage

  • Cutting letters, faceplates, and logos including very fine feature cutting with laser and waterjet

  • Manufacturing metal stairways, fences, rails, and gates


How customers are using our solutions

  • Speeds up time and efficiency

    Speeds up time and efficiency

    Architectural designs

    ProNest® waterjet nesting software is helping Creative Edge Master Shop speed up programming and maximize waterjet efficiency.

  • Job shop puts FineCut consumables to work

    Job shop puts FineCut consumables to work

    Job shop

    The narrower kerf and stiffer arc produced by Hypertherm's FineCut consumables are helping a job shop in Poland cut projects with very fine details and intricate shapes.

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Fine feature cutting

Fine feature cutting

When cutting parts with very fine details or intricate shapes, you need processes capable of producing very thin kerfs.

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Extended reach cutting

Hypertherm’s HyAccess® extended reach consumables give users extra reach when plasma cutting or gouging in hard to access or confined spaces, and are designed for use with Powermax air plasma systems.

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Plasma gouging – removing metal using a plasma arc – is similar to plasma cutting. A plasma arc between the torch and the workpiece melts the metal, and a gas jet blows away the molten material.

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CAM programming

CAM software helps drive the manufacturing process. CAD/CAM nesting software is typically used for programming mechanized flat plate cutting, offering fabricators and manufacturers a single software solution for all of their profile cutting needs. This combination solution provides all of the necessary functionality to complete the job, from CAD concept, to part preparation, to nesting, to numeric code output.

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CNC programming

With built in cutting expertise, Hypertherm’s Computer Numeric Control solutions provide consistent product performance with our easy to learn and use Phoenix® software so operators make the optimal cut, every time.

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