Hypertherm cutting systems are increasing productivity and profitability in shipyards and boat manufacturing plants around the world. From the largest cargo vessels to submarines to recreational craft, Hypertherm products play a key role in all phases of fabrication and repair, providing dross-free cuts for better welding and tighter fit-up.

Automated dual-gas systems power large X-Y tables used to cut parts for steel hulls and decking; in fact, Hypertherm was instrumental in the development of specialized oxygen plasma equipment used to replace single-hull super tankers with safer double-hull designs. Hypertherm is also responsible for supplying equipment used to cut the armor-plated hulls on the newest generation of military vessels. Once the hull is assembled, air plasma systems are extensively used for work inside the ship. All of these systems provide dross-free cuts for better welding and fit-up. FlushCut™ consumables are the most effective and efficient way to remove lugs, welded attachments and pad eyes.

Typical uses include:

  • Cutting walls and decking
  • Fabricating small and large parts, along with the hull and keel
  • Automated plate edge finishing of A, V, Y and K bevel angles for weld preparation
  • Cutting pipe and ventilation
  • Cutting motor mount plates
  • Back gouging to prepare for welds
  • Repairing hulls, decks, frame, and keel
  • Tank fabrication and repair

“The speed of the cutting process and thru-put are very important to us. The cutting process needs to be quick, and at the same time, the cuts need to be precise and clean.”

- Bollinger Shipyards

“Cut quality is very good, great actually. It exceeds all the standards we need to adhere to. Holes are nice and round; everything’s even.”

- Gunderson Marine

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