Want to lower operating costs without sacrificing cut quality? Upgrade to Centricut consumables.

  • Up to twice the service life of OEM parts – so you’ll cut consumable usage in half, and reduce system downtime, too
  • Full line of consumables, locally stocked by your Hypertherm distributor
  • Competitively priced compared to OEM

Centricut consumable life


Centricut consumables for ESAB XRCentricut XP3

Centricut® consumables for ESAB® XR applications deliver long life, fast cutting speeds, and excellent cut quality.

  • Centricut SilverLine® electrodes and CoolFlow™ nozzles last up to twice as long as OEM parts, and provide more consistent performance over the full life of the consumables
  • Full line of consumables, competitively priced compared to OEM parts
  • Local stocking at your Hypertherm® distributor means fast, reliable delivery
  • Easy to use – no special system set up required

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