Manufacturer of agricultural equipment, realizes virtually dross-free cuts with the HPR130

Posted on 10/01/2016
Posted by Hypertherm

Company and products

Sioux Automation Center in Sioux Center, IA is a manufacturer, rebuilder and reseller of agricultural equipment. Since 1961, they have focused on the construction of top quality mixing wagons, silage-bagging machines and service bodies plus cranes for light-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Their reputation for fine products and fast turnaround of rebuilt equipment has made them a manufacturer of choice from coast to coast.


Sioux Automation had been using a gantry cutting table with a TD PAK150 air plasma machine for a number of years. The age of the cutting table and air plasma system was resulting in cut quality that Sioux deemed unacceptable. A large number of components had to be outsourced for laser cutting in order to respond to quality demands from both end customers and internal work centers. Thecompany feared for their competitive position in the marketplace.


Recommendations from a Hypertherm OEM cutting table manufacturer and a local Hypertherm distributor led to the choice of the Hypertherm HPR130 as a replacement for Sioux’s aging air plasma machine. The 5/8” production cutting solution immediately delivered near-laser quality with virtually dross-free cuts. A comparison of cut speeds showed the HPR130 approaching those of larger 200-amp plasma systems. Plus the system showed a 30% production increase over 4 kW laser cutting on 3/8" material.


“Our HyPerformance HPR130 plasma system and new cutting table have been a great investment,” said Jody Stack, Manager for Sioux Automation Center. “The Hypertherm HPR130 met our expectations with tight part tolerances, cut quality, cut speeds and operating costs.”

  • Hypertherm HPR130 cuts rival laser quality.
  • HyPerformance solution met expectations with tight part tolerances, faster results and lower operations costs.
  • Substantial savings reported in just 30 days by reclaiming costs on previously outsourced, laser-cut parts.
  • Improved ROI promises system pay-off in 10 to 14 months.
  • User-friendly controls.
Posted on 10/01/2016
Posted by Hypertherm