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Posted on 15/01/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

When talking about the XPR300™, many times the first thing we think about is the expanded cutting capabilities and cut quality the XPR has introduced to the plasma cutting industry. The XPR with its X-Definition™ cutting on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity, and delivers improved cut quality all while slashing operating costs. It is no wonder the features that make the XPR easy to use, set up and monitor are often times overlooked. This is unfortunate though, as the XPR sets the new standard for achieving advanced system performance easily. From system set up and installation to connectivity and process optimization, the XPR’s intuitive operation and automatic system monitoring redefine easy plasma cutting.

XPR console setup illustration

Take a look at just some of the design features that make the XPR such an easy system to set up and install. Let’s start with the number of components and connections. The XPR300 system has only 4 components; the power supply, gas connect console, torch connect console and the torch assembly. These 4 components are connected by only 6 connection points, significantly simplifying XPR set up and table layout. In comparison, its predecessor, the HyDefinition® HPR260XD® has 5 components with 9 connections. A typical competitive system has 6 components with 14 connections. Reducing the amount of consoles and connections alleviates complex table design layout and simplifies torch and lead replacement.

XPR - inside of power supply

Many features that simplify XPR system setup are built into the design of the components themselves. The XPR300 power supply can be moved using 2 methods. There is a single point lift eye located on top of the power supply to allow lifting and lowering from above. In addition, the systems has feet that allows fork lift maneuverability from all four sides. The XPR power supply is even designed to accept commonly used pallet jacks to facilitate moving. All cables, hoses and leads to and from the cable supply can be connected by removing a single sheet metal panel which is designed with alignment guides to make removal and replacement effortless. Both the gas connect console and the torch connect console feature advanced automatic gas setting capability which enables machine operation and cutting processes to easily be selected and driven directly from the CNC. XPR - torch consoleThe torch connect console provides the interface between the Gas Connect console and the torch regulating gas selection, metering and monitoring. The design of the torch connect console allows for multiple mounting configurations to ensure flexibility and an easy fit on a multi-tool gantry. The torch lead connects to the torch connect console through a single lead connection aptly named EasyConnect™. EasyConnect allows the torch lead to remain as one bundled lead set that houses the coolant, valve driver, gas, pilot arc and ohmic sensor which can be threaded into the torch connect console without the use of tools or removing side panels. The EasyConnect torch lead simplifies and reduces setup time and can be replaced quickly and easily if needed.

XPR - plasma gas valveThe newly designed XPR torch incorporates the plasma gas valve into the torch assembly. Unlike many other systems, this gas valve is no longer located on the metering console. By placing the gas valve in the torch assembly, the volume length between the valve and nozzle is greatly reduced. This allows faster gas switching and improved cut quality and consumable life.

XPR torch

Another benefit is more flexibility in console placement. In contrast to HPR systems which restrict console placement to no more than 6' from the torch, the XPR’s torch connect console can be mounted up to 4.5 m (15') away. In addition to incorporating the gas valve in the torch, the XPR torch has been designed to make torch head changes easier and faster by increasing the thread starts for smoother alignment and full engagement after just one full turn.

XPR QuickLock electrode image

XPR QuickLock electrode

HPR Standard electrode image

HPR Standard thread electrode

XPR consumables offer a very unique electrode called QuickLock™ that can be tightened with just a quarter turn. This reduces consumable change out time and electrode misalignments. In comparison, traditional plasma electrodes use threads that can be difficult to start, align and require 5 full turns to engage.

Posted on 15/01/2018
Posted by Hypertherm

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