HyPrecision: 4137 bar versus 6200 bar

Measuring pumps in productivity, not bar

Posted on 07/12/2015
Posted by Hypertherm
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The facts prove that 4137 bar waterjets can cut faster than 6200 bar waterjets. However, we understand that there are unique applications that require 6200 bar.  Buying the waterjet with the highest pressure might not be the right solution. The cost of owning a 6200 bar waterjet is significantly more expensive than owning a 4137 bar waterjet. Further, depending on the material you are cutting, a 6200 bar waterjet can cost substantially more per inch and per cut than a 4137 bar waterjet.

Comparison of 6200 bar vs. 4137 bar

Models Competitor A
44,5 kW, 6200 bar
Hypertherm HyPrecision™
44,5 kW, 4137 bar
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Thickness 50,8 mm (2.00 in) 50,8 mm (2.00 in)
Feedrate 66 mm/min (2.6 ipm) 66 mm/min (2.6 ipm)
Total cut length 348 mm (13.7 in) 348 mm (13.7 in)
Cost per minute 3.44€ 2.79€
Cost per inch > 1.32€ 1.07€
Cost of cut 18.14€ 14.72€

Assumes exchange rate of 1USD = 0.73 EUR

Cummulative cost of ownership 4137 bar vs. 6200 bar (includes abrasive cost)

Hypertherm vs. Competitor A

Graph showing cumulative cost of ownership 4137 bar vs 6200 bar (includes abrasive cost)

Posted on 07/12/2015
Posted by Hypertherm



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