Buying Hypertherm plasma cutting products

Hypertherm is committed to engineering and manufacturing the world’s best industrial cutting systems. Our commitment to excellence extends to our authorized network of partners. We carefully select and regularly work with our partners to ensure they meet the highest standards of product knowledge, service, and support.

Product availability

Authorized partners agree to sell a broad range of Hypertherm products that meet their country’s specific regulatory requirements. Many also commit to stocking the product locally for immediate pick-up or delivery. Purchasing from an authorized partner is the only way to ensure you are buying genuine Hypertherm products.

Industry expertise and product knowledge

Authorized partners are trained to help you select the best solution for a particular application and can often provide product demonstrations in their showroom or on-site. Many are experts at developing an understanding of each customer's individual requirements.

Training, service, and support

Authorized partners understand the importance of offering the best after-sales training, service, and support. This includes helping you to maintain your system, train new operators, and timely delivery of consumable or repair parts, and updates.

Hypertherm’s plasma cutting products should only be purchased from authorized Hypertherm channel partners. Unauthorized sellers have not received sales or service training, may not sell genuine parts, and may not honor Hypertherm’s full factory warranty.


Our partners set their own prices, which may vary due to a variety of factors, including a partner’s business model and investment in service and support, location, shipping costs, import fees and taxes, foreign exchange rates, and payment options.

Should you buy plasma cutting products online?

Some Hypertherm products are available for sale online, often at prices that appear attractive. Buying online may make sense for some customers, however, others are better served by purchasing locally. When deciding whether to purchase online or locally, customers should ask themselves the following questions.

  • What does the price include? Does it include shipping, taxes or tariffs, and credit card fees?
  • Is the price in my currency? If not, what will my final price be once converted to my local currency?
  • Does the product have regulatory approval in my market? If not, who is liable if there is an issue?
  • Is the seller authorized to ship into my area? If not, what happens if the product is stopped in transit?
  • What happens if there is something wrong with my order and I need to return it?
  • Who will provide additional training and on-site support when I need it?

Regional pricing variations

Some Hypertherm products are available for sale in multiple currencies. For example, products in the United States are sold in United States Dollars ($) while products in the European Union are sold in Euros (€). Hypertherm believes this protects customers from fluctuating currency markets making it easier to accurately budget planned expenditures. Although U.S. Dollar pricing may look inexpensive when the Euro is strong, in reality a customer's actual cost has not changed, regardless of location or currency value. Besides currency factors, price differences between countries are driven by other variables such as shipping costs, import fees, and product differences due to regulatory requirements.