Hypertherm products are sold and serviced through a global network of authorized partners that includes:

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who design and build complete cutting machines that include one or more Hypertherm software or hardware products
  • Systems Integrators who integrate one or more Hypertherm software or hardware products into a complete system, including robotics
  • Value Added Resellers (VARs) who resell Hypertherm software
  • Distributors who sell Hypertherm products including our Powermax® brand of air plasma products
  • Rental companies
  • Repair facilities

Depending on their business model, a partner may fall into more than one of these categories. Partners who sell Hypertherm cutting systems also sell or provide after-sale products and services, including consumables, parts, upgrades, operator training, technical service, and more.

For mechanized CNC plasma consumables, you can contact your CNC table manufacturer for availability and pricing.

Please select a product category and provide your location, and we’ll help you find an authorized Hypertherm partner in your area. Or contact Hypertherm directly if you need further assistance.

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Contact us directly if you need further assistance.

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